Yun Dong Ju

Sky and Wind and Stars and Poetry

Blending Tea

‘Searching for the Taste and Scent of Literature’ Project

Four types of blended tea inspired by the 4 poems in poet Yun Dong-ju’s poetry book, <Sky, Wind, Star, and Poem>

Intended to realize the concept of ‘a cup of book’ and ‘drinking while reading’

that can help readers to get closer to the poet’s literature.

'The hill, stars spattered’ from <Counting Stars at Night>, ‘a sip of the sky’ from <Rain Shower>,

'The wind, blowing on leaves’ from <Prologue>, and ‘Oncoming daybreak like the new era’ from

<An Easily Written Poem>. The teas were blended to taste different depending on

the different impressions each of the poetic expressions deliver.

A Sip of the Sky

The Sind, Blowing on Leaves

The Hill, Stars Spattered

Oncoming Daybreak Like the New Era